Choose the version & pricing that best solves your current need.

Spider Project Professional

License Number Price
First $ 4000
Second $ 3700
Third $ 3300
From 4th to 6th $ 3000
From 7th to 10th $ 2700
From 11th to 15th $ 2300
From 16th to 25th $ 2150
From 26th $ 2000


Spider Project Desktop Plus

License Number Price
From 1st to 5th $ 2000
From 6th to 15th $ 1850
From 16th to 40th $ 1650
From 41st $ 1500


Desktop Plus version differs from Professional by the following:
Multiproject management, financial and supplies leveling are not supported.

Spider Project Desktop (one user version)

License Number Price
From 1st to 5th $ 1500
From 6th to 15th $ 1350
From 16th to 40th $ 1150
From 41st $ 1000


Desktop version differs from Desktop-Plus by the following:
Monitoring data distribution and consolidation through the documents, notifying managers and resources about work start and finish, access rights are not supported.

Spider Project Lite (simplified version)

License Number Price
Does not depend on the number of purchased licenses $ 700


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