Spider Project is an integrated tool that includes everything that is useful for advanced project, program and portfolio management. Spider Project Professional allows users to create any number of project portfolios, to use any approach to project prioritization, and to calculate portfolio schedules, taking into account project priorities, dependencies between activities of different projects, as well as all resource, supply, and financing limitations.

  • Unlimited Number of Activities, Resources, Dependencies, Calendars, etc.
  • Everything is unlimited
  • Unlimited Number of PBS, WBS, OBS, RBS, MBS, CBS
  • Unlimited Number of Levels in All Structures
  • Unlimited Number of Cost Components and Currencies
  • Multiple costs for same activities and resources
  • Calculated Cost Components
  • Cost Centers
  • Separate Discounting Rates for Cost Components
  • Cost Periods
Calendars Activities
  • Activity, Resource, Dependency Lag Calendars
  • Duration and Productivity Driven, Hammocks, Milestones, Switches
  • Continuous, Splitable, Scalable, ASAP/ALAP
  • Activity Costs (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)
  • FS, SS, FF, SF with Lead/Lags
  • Strict and Double Dependencies
  • Time and Volume Lags
  • Multiple Links between two activities
Resources (renewable)
  • Resource Costs and Material Consumption per work hour
  • Resource Crews (Multiresources)
  • Resource Skills
  • Resource Centers
  • Resource Production and Consumption
Resource Assignments
  • Resource, Multiresource and Skill Assignments
  • Resource Assignment Productivities
  • Resource Assignment Costs (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)
  • Resource Assignment Material Consumption (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)
  • Partial and Variable Resource Assignments
  • Material Costs
  • Material Centers
  • Material Production and Consumption
User Defined Fields
  • Any number of User Defined Fields
  • Any Formulae for UDF Calculation
  • User Defined Graphical Indicators (Street Lights)
Corporate Reference-books (Databases)
  • Standard Resource Crews
  • Resource and Crews Productivities on Typical Assignments
  • Material Consumption per Work Unit for Typical Activities and Assignments
  • Work Unit Costs for Typical Activities and Assignments
  • Any Other
  • Typical Fragment Library
Project Scheduling
  • Critical Path Method
  • Quantity Based Scheduling
  • Conditional Scheduling
  • Forward and Backward Scheduling
  • Free Float, Total Float, Super Float, DRAG
  • Shift Work Simulation
Resource Leveling
  • Resource Constrained Schedule Optimization
  • Resource Critical Path (Critical Chain) Calculation
  • Resource Constrained Schedule Stabilization
  • Material Constrained Scheduling
  • Cost Constrained Scheduling
  • Project, Phase and Activity Priorities
  • Skill Scheduling with User Defined Resource Priorities
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Activity Resource Constrained Floats
  • Resource Assignment Floats
Project / Portfolio Budgeting
  • Multiple Budgets with Multiple Cost Components and Multiple Currencies
  • Simulation of both Financing and Expenses
  • Project / Portfolio Cash Flow Calculation with Discounting
  • NPV, IRR and Payback Period Calculation for Projects and Portfolios
Risk Simulation
  • Optimistic, Most Probable and Pessimistic Scenarios
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Duration Probability Curves
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Budget Probability Curves
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Material Consumption Probability Curves
  • Meeting Target Dates and Budgets Probabilities
  • Setting Reliable Project / Portfolio Time and Cost Buffers
  • Critical Schedule Calculation
  • Any Filter on Project / Portfolio Fields and Hierarchical Sorting
  • Activities without Predecessors and without Successors
  • Activity Predecessors/Successors
  • Selected Dependencies
  • Formulae that may link any fields and cells including UDF
  • Recursive Formulae
Project Schedule and Budget
  • Project Archives
  • Any Number of Project / Portfolio Baselines
  • Trends of Project / Portfolio Parameters
  • Comparing Any Two Versions of Project / Portfolio
  • Earned Value Analysis for Costs, Volumes of Work, Materials, UDF
  • Trends of Earned Value Data
Risk Analysis
  • Current Probabilities to Meet Project Targets and Success Probability Trends
  • Project Time and Cost Buffers Penetration Analysis
Risk Analysis
  • Project, Activity, Resource and Material Gantt Charts
  • PBS, WBS and RBS Org Charts
  • Network Diagrams
  • Linear Diagram (Time-Location Chart)
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase S-curves
  • Cost Histograms and Cash Flows
  • Resource Histograms
  • Resource Overload Bar
  • Material Histograms and Material Flows
  • User Defined Fields Histograms
  • Probability Curves
  • Portfolio / Project Truncation
  • Earned Value Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Portfolio / Project Parameter Trends Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Out of Sequence Activities Report
  • Success Probability Trends Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Trends of Any Parameter Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Comparative Portfolio, Project, Activity, Resource, and Material Gantt Charts
  • Comparative Linear Diagram
  • Performance Reports for Any Time Interval
Tabular Reports
  • Any tabular report on planned and actual portfolio, project, phase, activity, resource, material, cost data and user defined fields for any period, including user defined
  • Script Language
  • Multiple Project and Portfolio Configurations
  • Unlimited Undo’s and Protocol of Actions
  • Performance Archives
  • Portfolio and Project Access Rights
  • Search and Replace
  • Customizable Report and Print Templates
  • Conditional Gantt Chart bar colors
  • Time Scale from minutes to years
  • Work with Multiple Windows
  • Export/Import to/from Excel, Text, MS Project xml, Primavera xer, mpx, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases
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