“A natioLeading and Managing Innovationn’s ability to build and sustain its innovation capacity depends on developing and maintaining project management skills….” Naughton and Kavanagh, 2009 

A project is the best – perhaps only – method of achieving innovation.

Leading and Managing Innovation clearly and concisely reveals to the executive reader the important differences in: Project management compared to on-going operations management, Transformational compared to delivery projects and programs, and Project-driven compared to project-dependent organizations.

Written by two industry executives Leading and Managing Innovation provides the executive reader with a nuts and bolts overview of how to lead and manage an idea into an innovative solution with a measurable outcome.

Highly ‘scan review’ friendly, an innovative list of executive demands and full summary chapter are included.

“I believe this book to be much needed, about the correct level for an executive to use/grasp, and timely.” – Marc Zocher, Consultant, as Project Manager received the 2011 PMI Distinguished Project Award for the G2 Information System Project for the U. S. Dept. of Energy’s NNSA Global Threat Reduction Initiative.

“This unique book provides a much required integrative view on innovation, project, program, and portfolio management. It should be useful to any executive who is concerned with promoting innovation and execution in the company.

Based on years of experience and writing the authors are conveying a broad understanding of these concepts to executive teams in a concise manner, together with the importance of achieving innovation or major changes within enterprises.

The executive demands listed in Chapter 7 are unique in the project management literature, and if combined with the corporate strategy, can produce excellence in selecting and executing innovative projects.” – Dr. Aaron Shenhar, PMI Fellow, Professor of Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, co-author of Reinventing Project Management: The Diamond Approach to Successful Growth and Innovation.